E=mc² (Education = Maker Culture Squared)

E=mc² (Education = Maker Culture Squared)

 You are probably familiar with the famous equation developed by Einstein that relates energy to mass. The layman’s interpretation is that for conversion of even very tiny amounts of mass, the energy produced is almost unfathomable. That is the way stars work. The inputs may appear small, but the outputs drive our universe.

We believe an analogy can be made with maker culture and education. We have witnessed enormous changes when children and their teachers engage with the physical world by make things. Part of that engagement produces curiosity and persistence. Some of the energy is focused on problem solving and collaboration. We’ve seen creativity and critical thinking expand into agency and self-esteem. Making things is often surprising, always deepens understanding and invariably brings joy back to teaching and learning.

The education ‘energy’ created from a maker culture can illuminate a classroom, an entire building or a whole district. The effects are personal too. Job readiness and entrepreneurship skills can light-up the community and positively impact prosperity locally or even globally.

How can you amplify the impact of your makerspace to create a culture of making? It takes a champion. If you already have a makerspace or are planning to install one soon, consider our Maker Manager Course. It is a nine month, hybrid (in-person and online) course designed to give educators and maker managers the skills they need to create a culture of making in their building, district, or after-school program. 

Thank you for being champions. You are inspiring youth pursue lifelong learning, innovating and making! 


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