End of the #Robolution

End of the #Robolution

We learned last month that Robo 3D has effectively ceased operations. They liquidated their inventory of parts to a third party: PartsBuilt.com based in Millersburg, Ohio, who can provide parts for Robo printers.


As a valued customer we will continue to provide telephone support and repairs for your Robo 3D printer on a best-effort basis at $75/hour + parts.

In May we began selling Flashforge 3D printers. This manufacturer has been an OEM manufacturer of 3D printers for over 10 years. They manufactured printers for Dremel and Makerbot. They even supply the 3D printers sold by the new Robo company under the “E3” brand. Click here to view our line of Flashforge printers.

If you have a claim against Robo 3D we urge you to contact them by November 29, 2019 so that it will be honored in their agreement with the successor company: Robo 3D-ABC as described in this notice.


Mary Rinehart




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