Funding a Makerspace

Funding a Makerspace

You have a vision. You have dreamed the dream of students making and creating rather than just doing what they have always done. You want a makerspace. The big question most of our clients face is…how do we pay for one?

It can be difficult to find funding for something new and innovating in a school culture that doesn’t support innovative spending. Navigating grants, donations, school budgets, and the changes that happen yearly is challenging. At 1st Maker Space, we want to make it easy to fund your makerspace by helping you find the funding you need to ignite your makerspace.

Over the next three weeks, we will dive into the following funding sources: federal, state, corporate, and private donors. Today we will dive into Federal Grants that flow through the State of Indiana.

There are several federal grants that flow through the State of Indiana that can be used to fund a makerspace as an allowable expense. Title IV, Part A, Rural and Low-Income Schools (RLIS) Grants, and Perkins Grants can be used in different ways to create a makerspace or to purchase equipment that provides a rich educational experience for students.

Title IV – Part A

Title IV, Part A is a federal funding source broken up into three main focus areas under ESSA (IDOE, 2019). The three focus areas include: (A) Support a well-rounded education by incorporating advanced classes, fine arts, foreign languages, STEM/STEAM, and other innovative programming. (B) Create safe and healthy schools through the utilization of social emotional learning and healthy lifestyle habits. (C) Effectively utilize technology through properly preparing staff as well as providing high-quality digital learning experiences for underserved students (IDOE, 2019). Public, charter, and private schools are eligible for Title IV, Part A funding.

Preliminary allocations for Title IV, Part A can be found here. 1st Maker Space is listed as an approved vendor on the Resource Guide for Title IV, Part A. For more information on Title IV, Part A, see the IDOE Website.


RLIS Grants

Rural and Low-Income Schools (RLIS) Grants provide funds to rural school districts that serve concentrations of children from low-income families (IDOE, 2019). Eligible LEAs receive sub-grants on a formula basis each year. The application and eligibility requirements can be found on the IDOE webpage.



Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Funding (Perkins IV) is a principal source of funding for states for the improvement of CTE programs. Secondary programs can opt to purchase equipment with Perkins funds that relates directly to program and workforce needs, such as a 3D printer or laser cutter. Perkins grants are often written up to a year in advance and are overseen by CTE Directors, so it is necessary to work with your local CTE DirCTE Dir Want to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon. ector to make any equipment needs known.

Are you interested in any of these funding sources? 1st Maker Space would be proud to partner with you to write any of these grants and more to make your vision come to life. More #makerspaces = more Hoosier Makers!

Contact Mary Rinehart at to set up your appointment today.

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