StudioA Makerspace at Oldenburg Academy

StudioA Makerspace at Oldenburg Academy

There is no better way to celebrate the new year then to share stories of success and hope, and today we celebrate Oldenburg Academy in Oldenburg, Indiana, a private school dedicated to a liberal arts education. The team at 1st Maker Space worked closely with Jonathon Maple, Assistant Principal, to design a makerspace. Oldenburg learned from students that there was a lack of hands-on learning that students wanted to see, so the administrative team decided to implement a makerspace to bring hands-on learning to every course across Oldenburg.

“Working with 1st Maker Space was an amazing experience. Mary and her team met with us, discussed our goals, and then saw the project all the way through implementation while meeting our budgetary needs as well,” said Jonathon Maple.

One of the custom elements 1st Maker Space added to the space at Oldenburg was a vinyl logo with the StudioA logo. StudioA is the name of the makerspace, and it gives the makerspace its own identity within the building. “We want making and STEM to be as cool as sports,” said Kim Brand, Founder and Technology Advisor for 1st Maker Space.  

“We have seen our makerspace start to change the attitude of students - a group of students created their own business and needed a model and immediately thought about the 3D Printer - this group of students created their 3D Model, tweaked it, and saw their vision come to reality - exactly what we want our students to be doing.”

“Professional development was a key aspect of implementing making across Oldenburg,” said Mary Rinehart, President and CEO of 1st Maker Space, LLC. 1st Maker Space trained a key group of educators how to use the 3D printers and laser cutter immediately so that all of the equipment could be accessible to faculty, staff, and students. Oldenburg has also dedicated a lead Maker Manager, Shane Coppotelli, to train educators how to incorporate making into their curriculum as well as manage the equipment and vision for StudioA makerspace.

“We are grateful for 1st Maker Space and the work they have done to partner in education - we know that this will make a difference in our students who will excel in our ever-changing world,” said Jonathon Maple.

Click here to view a photo album the makerspace at Oldenburg Academy.

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