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Computer Science is often misunderstood, but why? What is computer science? In this blog post by Kim Brand, we explore what computer science really is and why it important to our youth.

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1st Maker Space, LLC is excited to announce an innovative computer science partnership with Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS). The #CSforIPS initiative is a multi-year strategy to provide students throughout the district with the opportunity to learn to code with Wonder Workshop robots.

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This week the team at 1st Maker Space led one of the most innovative professional development experiences I have had an opportunity to be a part of. Teachers at Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) embraced #CSforIPS this week and jumped into computer science with Dash, Dot, and Cue from Wonder Workshop. Like many professional development workshops this summer, our team worked to create a digital professional development experience for the Computer Science Champions. Each IPS Computer Science Champion received a Dash Home Learning Bundle to complete the professional development at home, and we created a course that blended synchronous and asynchronous...

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