MapleWoodShop Program

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The Maplewoodshop program enables you to teach woodworking using your existing STEM lab or classroom and existing teachers. We train, equip, and support your teachers to use woodworking to teach engineering concepts and solve real-world problems. The program includes all training, a robust interdisciplinary curriculum, support, tools, a portable, locking tool chest, as well as patent-pending workbenches that enable you to use your existing tables. Can be used in late elementary, middle school, high school, and self-contained classrooms. 

• Training for 4 – 6 teachers from MapleWoodShop
• 1 - annual subscription to over 30 projects and integrated STEAM curriculum
• 1 – year of unlimited support
• 1 - tool chest
• 8 – workbenches, each for 2 students at a time
• 16 Pull saws, coping saws, combination squares, tape measures, rasps, screwdrivers, 8oz
• hammers, safety goggles, ear protection, scissors, compasses
• 8 - block planes, cardboard sectors
• 2 - metal dividers, 1⁄4” drill bits, 5/16 drill bits, F clamps
• 2 - eggbeater drills, brace bit drills, 5⁄8” brace bits, coping saw blades
• 1 - bottle of glue, box of 3d nails, box of screws, box of dust masks, box of pencils, set of 80, 120, 220 grit sandpaper, set of tool safety cards, safety poster, extra set of extra pull saw blade, box of band aids