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Basic Rubber Band Racer Activity

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Ready, Steady, Go! With TeacherGeek, kids can harness the energy stored in rubber bands to propel their unique Rubber Band Racer designs. This popular STEM | STEAM activity is excellent for elementary or secondary age groups, whether in the classroom, science fair, kitchen table, summer camp or birthday party. Free document resources help guide kids to build an example racer vehicle, allowing them to explore potential and kinetic energy, mechanical advantage and friction through optional labs or thrilling challenges. Watch as they evolve their creations through the design + engineering process, raiding the recycling bin for novel materials and affixing 3D printables or workshop elements for innovative vehicles that go faster and farther. The advanced activity includes additional components to encourage innovation - easily craft (and re-design) new configurations. Whether racing on earth or across the bumpy craters on Mars, with TeacherGeek, anything is possible. Students need TeacherGeek tool sets to construct their racers. Documents available for grades 3-5, 6-8, 9-12.