Makey Makey

Makey Makey STEM Pack - Classroom Invention Literacy Kit

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An incredibly simple product that has become every teacher's favorite! The Makey Makey inspires students to think about what they can turn into a keyboard and creates a perfect environment of problem solving and creativity. A favorite in the maker community, this product is widely supported and thousands of lesson plans and projects available for free. The Makey Makey STEM Pack includes everything needed for a makerspace or STEM Lab, including: 12 x Makey Makey Classics, 12 6-foot Alligator Clips, 12 Connector Wires, 72 Extra Alligator Clips, 144 Connector Wires, and 12 Conductive Makey Makey Pencils all in a Makey Makey storage container.