TeacherGeek Maker Cart 2.0

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Roll it into your classroom, lab, or library for the ultimate Maker/STEM/STEAM solution. With over 40+ STEM projects and almost every TeacherGeek component we manufacture, this cart can easily support hundreds of kids. Each cart includes a pallet of replacement supplies (way more supplies than you see in the cart, over 15,000 components in total!!) and sturdy tools to create almost any project. The sign is dry erase. NGSS Aligned. Grades K-12.

Students will learn science and engineering concepts through experimentation, grow their understanding and evolve projects through the design & engineering process. The TeacherGeek Maker Cart provides ample opportunities for amazing true STEM projects for as little as a few dollars a kit (average project cost: $1.37*). With prices this low, kids can take projects home and continue to engineer and tinker right at the breakfast table!

*$1.37 average project cost is based on students working in groups of 2-3 and taking projects home.

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