Making our Way Back to the Classroom

Making our Way Back to the Classroom

School systems across the country are preparing to send students back to school, and many administrators and teachers are doing the very best they can to keep students safe under less than ideal circumstances. Many companies are offering expensive solutions for plastic barriers and PPE. If you find yourself trying to decide between using barriers and buying hand sanitizer, we have a new way to approach the situation. You can use your makerspace or STEM Lab or MAKE your own custom solution for social distancing. 

Every school has a unique layout with unique classrooms. The reopening plan for each school may address the CDC guidelines differently. In order to accommodate the need to put protective barriers up in offices, classrooms, and common areas, use a laser cutter to create your own! Buying a laser cutter and acrylic would be significantly less expensive than buying the protective barriers from a supply company. Plus, a laser cutter offers the additional benefits of being a cross-curricular instructional tool at all grade levels.

Considering face shields for teachers? You can laser cut and 3D print them at a fraction of the cost. Need to make your own custom solution for collaborative tables and spaces? Put community volunteers to work to be part of the solution. There are many people in every community that want to be part of the solution to help get kids back in the classroom. 

The Coronavirus is here to stay, but we can approach the pandemic with new and innovative technologies to keep everyone safe. How are you making your own solution? As humans we are makers and problem solvers. 

Contact 1st Maker Space for more details on how other schools are working together with their maker communities to create unique solutions. Continue the conversation on Twitter @1stMakerSpace #makersgonnamake 

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