New Year's Resolution - Make More

As we start 2019, what are your professional goals? We invite you to Make More by engaging with 1st Maker Space to design, build, or sustain a makerspace at your school or in your community.

Interested in making but not sure where to start? 1st Maker Space can help! We specialize procuring maker equipment and products, designing and building customized furniture, and Indiana standards-aligned making curriculum and professional development.

5 Ways to Get Started as a Maker:

1. Check out the 1st Maker Space Webpage for books, articles, and research pages that show the “why” behind the maker movement in education.

2. Register to attend a FREE upcoming professional development session hosted by 1st Maker Space. Find more information on our website.

3. Add @1stMakerSpace on Twitter and Facebook for the latest information on making in Indiana.

4. Preview curricular resources from 1st Maker Space to visualize how making can be incorporated into your curriculum through standards-aligned lesson plans vetted by Indiana educators.

5. Schedule a phone or in-person meeting with 1st Maker Space to see how we can help you develop your classroom, library, or vacant room into a making or innovation space.

More Makerspaces = More Hoosier Makers.

Happy New Year! May 2019 be your best yet!


Kim, Adam, and Mary

1st Maker Space Team

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