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STEM Take-Out Kits

With the age of social distancing dawning, many school corporations are struggling to engage with students. Many parents spend countless hours directing their children back to the computer for eLearning. Still, eLearning only encapsulates a piece of the holistic experience educators provide for students during normal school hours. 1st Maker Space has a solution. We are offering individual STEM Take-Out Kits for school corporations, after-school programs, and foundations to provide to students and youth along with weekly meal pick-up.

Many students have their greatest educational moments in a lab or hands-on learning environment. Children, especially those in elementary school, have a hard time sitting in front of the computer for long periods of time. STEM Take-Out Kits are a great addition to the learning already taking place while giving students an opportunity to solve open-ended problems and challenges. 

The Boys and Girls Club in Bedford, Indiana has partnered with 1st Maker Space to provide 400 kits to students. “Learning can be fun,” says Frank Decker, the Chief Professional Officer of the Boys and Girls Club of Lawrence County. “We want to promote a love of learning, especially at this time of stress and uncertainty for us all. Making something can bring back the joy of discovery.”

1st Maker Space has four individual STEM Take-Out Kits ready for distribution: Makedo Toolset, Bristlebot, Origami Circuit, and Electronics Conductivity Lab. Each kit is geared towards K-12 and includes a paper guide with project directions, lesson plan with Indiana Academic Standards Alignment, and extension ideas. These products are not normally available individually packaged, but 1st Maker Space is working with our vendors to ensure students have access to affordable, hands-on learning opportunities. View the individual kits, guides, and more on our webpage. These individually packaged STEM Kits are then given to students along with lunches, making distribution only an addition to a supply system that many school districts have already created.

If you are a school district, after-school program, or foundation in Indiana interested in applying this solution to help improve the education of your students, please reach out to 1st Maker Space. We are dedicated to creating the next generation of makers to think critically and imagine ways to solve the problems of the future. We’re all in this together. It’s time to hunker down Hoosiers and start making a better future for tomorrow.

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  • Becky Thaxton

    Hi! I work for a Title One STEM school and would love to learn more about this program! Please send me some information!

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