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Our Maker Manager Program is a cohort of Maker Managers, STEM teachers, and district leaders looking to develop a culture of making in their district. This 9-month course meets once a month and is a blend of synchronous and asynchronous learning around the topics of makerspace safety, maker curricular design and theory (PBL, inquiry-based learning), tools and equipment, assessment, and creating a culture of making and innovation throughout your school building or district. All topics discussed will be applied throughout the year, and the course culminates in a Maker Manager Certification from 1st Maker Space.

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Summer is a time where students can explore their interests in learning. What do you want your own child to learn about? What do you want to explore for your classroom for 2020? The Summer of Making is on, and we have fresh ideas to keep you making all summer long!

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You have a vision for creating a space where students can create, learn and make. Maybe you even have met with our team and have a proposal and a 3D model. The next logical question for many educators and administrators is: How do we fund it? We understand the importance of creating maker-oriented learning environments at 1st Maker Space, but we also  understand the need of financing in order to create these environments. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

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