Your 1st Maker Space is Free

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Your 1st Maker Space is Free


Occasionally teachers will ask us, “How much does it cost to create a makerspace?” Makerspaces are like golf courses - no two are the same - but you’d always recognize a golf course! The price varies quite a lot. You can recognize a makerspace by the look: tools, tables, recycled materials, etc. A makerspace is a creative space, a problem solving space and a collaboration space too. There will always be enthusiasm for learning there. 

In the cost sensitive world of education the price question always comes up, usually, right after: “How will I find the time to learn how all this stuff works?”

We named our company 1st Maker Space to draw attention to our philosophy that your very first makerspace is between your ears! That one is free - it’s called the maker mindset. To be honest, it will cost you some time to read and research options, collaborate with other teachers, discover the needs and interests of your students and develop a plan to engage parents, administrators and your community.

We can help with all of that. We have hundreds of resources on our website (one of the best is Dale Daugherty’s The Maker Mindset). We have also developed Maker Professional Development that is focused on training teachers and building leaders how to facilitate in this new teaching and learning environment. We also have curriculum that is aligned to the Indiana Academic State Standards on recyclables, 3D printing, laser cutting, and computer science. 

Here is another way to look at the cost of a makerspace: IT COSTS ABOUT THE SAME AS THE STATE’S ALLOCATION FOR FIVE OR SIX STUDENTS! The state pays districts about $6000/student for the cost of education. IF FIVE MORE STUDENTS pick your school due to the innovative, problem-solving, creativity inspiring makerspace you offer then you’ve practically paid for the space up front! (The reverse is also true: if you lose those five students to another school then you’ve paid for their makerspace!)

In the 90’s, nearly every school invested in computer technology because those skills were important to be successful in the knowledge economy of the future. Building a computer lab was not optional! The same is true of the investment in a makerspace. We need to engage students in lifelong learning - and the best way to do that is with hands-on learning.

The future of education, our workforce and our economic prosperity demand that more students graduate with a ‘maker mindset.’ 

What is also free is our makerspace consultations! All you need to do is invite us to visit your school and share some ideas. We’ll take some pictures and measurements and turn that into a 3D model of a makerspace to inspire a vision for your building. This can start a conversation, support a strategic plan or launch a fundraising campaign. 

More Indiana makerspaces= more Hoosier makers!

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