Ender III 3D Printer Kit

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The Ender III is a third-generation 3D printer kit which affords quick/reliable assembly in under four hours. Operation is reliable and most of the key components are pre-assembled to assure accuracy. The printer can even restart after a shut down making overnight prints possible in a classroom. The 220x220x25 build volume and heated build plate (max 110 degrees Celsius) are among the largest in its class. The 400-micron extruder nozzle is designed to resist clogging and is compatible with PLA and ABS among over a dozen other materials. There are hundreds of YouTube videos created by Ender III enthusiasts for support and training. 1st Maker space has several 3D printing lesson plans (included at no charge) and has presented Professional Development 3D Printer Build sessions at the ICE conference in October for many years.