Breaking Bridges Activity

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Design, Build, Test, Repeat!!! TeacherGeek bridges allow you to do what was never-before-possible; redesign and retest, learn through experimentation and failure, grow understanding while evolving designs. There’s no gluing (hot glue burns or waiting for glue to dry). Every design can be improved so students are never done. This activity comes with downloadable engineering challenges and optional labs. For ages 8-22 (different challenges/labs for different ages). Optional labs teach about structural shapes, deflection, tension & compression, software analysis, Hooke's Law, elastic and plastic deformation, and member forces on trusses. Pack contains components to create 10 bridges, and a hook to help test them. In addition to this kit, you need 5 or 7-gallon buckets, weights (e.g. water bottles), and a TeacherGeek tool set (required for set-up).