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The Bit:booster is full of features to explore the world of physical computing with the Micro:bit without any extra components. Start coding exciting projects out of the box. When you are ready to build, the Bit:booster makes it easy to extend your projects without limiting your imagination. Easily connect DC motors, servos, light up the neo-pixels and hear the music you create! Lego block compatible circuit connections make integrating in projects easy.

Enable students to explore physical computing with the Micro:bit and Bit:booster. Order with or without a Micro:bit. It comes with 5 How-To Cards to start exploring physical computing out of the box.

Unlock the full potential of the Micro:bit with the Bit:booster.

The Bit:booster is like a turbo-pack for your Micro:bit that streamlines your exploration of physical computing. It is the only add-on board you’ll ever need for your Micro:bit.

The Bit:booster is ready for the projects out of the box. There is no need to purchase additional cables, batteries, electronics, etc. for students to jump into exciting coding projects in physical computing: robotics, games, science with sensors, IoT, etc.

The Bit:booster is designed for makers with a compact form factor designed for rapid prototyping with any of your favorite building materials:

  • Looking to explore Robotics? – You can control servo motors, DC motors (including Lego NXT, RCX, and EV3) with ease.
  • Sensors made easy - Two grove connectors make it easy to use hundreds of standard sensors.
  • Bring LEGO to life – The board is spaced for LEGO and can be easily incorporated into your LEGO creations.
  • Connections made easy – Connect to the Bit:booster using standard connectors such as Grove ports, Jumpers, alligator clips, wires, and probes, or get creative and use copper tape with LEGO, pipe cleaners or any conductive material you find lying around.
  • Simple Power – Don’t worry about power since the Bit:booster provides separate power for both the Micro:bit and your connections: all without dangling battery packs.