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Catch the Bug Activity

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Are you ready to “Catch the Bug”? The bug is a truly fantastic and meaningful electronics learning activity. Finished bugs run around the floor with their own personality. They roam and explore by bumping into objects and finding new paths around the room. Bugs teach basic electronics through a physical interactive experience; an experience that yields deep and long lasting understanding. Electrical concepts have never made so much sense, or been so much fun. Bugs have inspired countless students to pursue STEM careers, drastically increasing interest and enrollment in STEM courses, especially for girls. Comes with Instructables from Teacher Geek and lesson plan aligned to the Indiana State Standards in Science, Engineering, and Mathematics from 1st Maker Space. Requires Maker Tool Kit. This classroom pack is ideal for 200 students or more (4 students/bug) and is a consumable item.

Sold in packs of 50, 10 or individually.