CoDrone Programmable Drone

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The CoDrone is a tiny quadcopter drone kit you can easily assemble and program to do whatever you want: follow you, traverse an obstacle course, execute a search/recover mission, go through a maze and more. Whether you are brand new to drones and coding or you’re a longtime drone lover, you will have a blast with the CoDrone! Comes with an Arduino® compatible microcontroller that you can program using the Arduino® IDE and C/C++.

Flight Time: 8 minutes
Flight Range: 160 feet
Battery Charge Time: 40 minutes
Weight: 37 grams

Additional Information:
• IN STEM standards, aligned curriculum included
• Professional Development available
• Free tutorial videos online taught by RoboLink instructors
• Get flying within 10 minutes
• Learn real-world Arduino code
• Operates with included controllers or via iPhone/Android Apps
• Accessories and spare parts available