Crazy Contraptions Activity

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Need to crack an egg for breakfast without leaving your bed? Try TeacherGeek's "Crazy Contraptions", the thought-provoking, whacky activity inspired by Rube Goldberg's mechanical cartoons. This is NOT your parent’s STEM project. Kids start with the comprehensive build guide as an introduction to simple and complex machines, enabling them to construct exciting, clever mechanisms that complete tasks such as kicking a ball or raising a flag. By combining research and the design & engineering process, they can lift a basket with levers and dominoes or scratch a friend's back with gears and pulleys – the innovation never ends! Build it once, tinker forever. Each Crazy Contraption requires a 12”x 12” wood base with drilled holes – purchase a base from TeacherGeek or make the base yourself with a free template download. Students need TeacherGeek tool sets to construct their contraptions. Documents available for grades 6-8, 9-12.