Electromagnet Crane Activity

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A real “pick-me-up”, the TeacherGeek Electromagnetic Crane is a classic activity with an utterly "green" twist – kids engineer and construct a crane design to innovate recycling and waste disposal! They start by building and experimenting with an electromagnet, later adding a crane mechanism for control. Watch as kids evolve their creations through the engineering & design process, using included extra TeacherGeek components, recycling bin materials, 3-D printed elements and so much more. How many magnetic objects can they sort in two minutes? Compete against other cranes in exciting, diverse challenges - including an incredible multi-player board game that sets mind versus mind. Engineer a tournament or simply watch as your classroom, program, scouting troop or child is blown away by the possibilities of true STEM. Build once, tinker forever. Students need a TeacherGeek tool set to build their crane. Documents available for grades 3-5, 6-8.