Grab Lab Activity

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Have you ever seen a bird catch a worm or a chipmunk stuff their cheeks? How do they do it? Animals have evolved some pretty amazing grabbers and tools over time. In this activity, construct your own Simple Grabber out of TeacherGeek Connector Strips and screws, then design and build it better to be like our feathered and furry friends. Download the Kid's Engineering Challenge document for a quick Build Guide and how to set up Challenges to build grabbers like eagles, robins, monkeys, chipmunks, and even our own human hands! Comes with Instructables from Teacher Geek and lesson plan aligned to the Indiana State Standards in Science, Engineering, and Mathematics from 1st Maker Space. Requires Maker Tool Kit. Comes with enough materials for 40 students (4 students/kit) and is a consumable item.

Sold in packs of 10 or individually.