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Judo Bot Activity

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Get ready to R-R-RUMBLE!! Students can use the power of hydraulic cylinders (no syringe!) to design, build and battle their very own Judo-Bot. Using TeacherGeek components and recycling bin innovation, they can engineer new methods to move bots up, down and side-to-side to best tip or push opponents out of the ring. Exploring concepts of force, balance, momentum, mechanical advantage and robotics with end effector designs, bots are a truly comprehensive STEM activity. Comes with Instructables from Teacher Geek and lesson plan aligned to the Indiana State Standards in Science, Engineering, and Mathematics from 1st Maker Space. Requires Maker Tool Kit. Comes with enough materials for 40 students (4 students/kit) and is a consumable item.

Sold in packs of 10 or individually.