Makedo Precision Cardboard Saw

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Tired of compromising when it comes to cutting cardboard? We think these are simply the best (and safest) tools for making quick, clean cuts in cardboard. Don't risk it with utility blades that get caught or slip dangerously; the fine saw-toothed edge enables excellent maneuverability for straight or curved cuts and allows cutting upwards or downwards. You can even follow fine patterns and circular paths. The rounded chisel edged tip means full control for scoring and shallow perforations in cardboard.

Great for teachers, parents, and adults working with kids - a perfect complement to the child-friendly Makedo Safe-saw.

CAUTION: Sharp blades. Handle with care. Not suitable for children.

  • Fine saw-tooth edge
  • Non-stick coated blade
  • Rounded chisel edged tip
  • Excellent maneuverability
  • Fully retractable blade