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The Micro:bit is a tiny programmable computer, designed to make learning and teaching easy and fun! Designed and developed by the BBC and supported by Microsoft, Adafruit and 1st Maker Space; computer science has never been easier. Compatible with Chromebooks. Code with Blockly or Javascript. Make your CS project portable and wearable. The simplest on-ramp to computing competency, yet with a high ceiling. Micro:bits integrate a 5x5 LED array for output and thermistor, accelerometer, magnetometer outputs. Bluetooth Low Energy networking too!

Sold in packs of 8 (Classroom Set) or individually.

The Classroom Set comes with eight of our popular Micro:bit programmable computers packaged for classroom use. It comes in a durable plastic case with anti-static sections for the devices, battery packs, and cables to help you keep track of your parts!

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Coding and Innovation for the BBC Micro:Bit

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