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Paper Circuits Classroom Kit

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Perfect for putting the “A” in STEAM, Paper Circuits are made with LEDs, coin cell batteries, Maker Tape™, and everyday craft supplies. Use printable PDF instructions and templates from Brown Dog Gadgets, or create your own designs to light up a craft, poster or tri-fold presentation board. Paper Circuits are our most economical kit, with a very low cost per participant. They are a great teaching tool for hands-on learning and simple circuitry. Lesson plan geared towards the Indiana Academic Standards for Science in Grade 4 included.

The Paper Circuits Kit allows students of all ages (ideal for grades 4-8) to learn about circuitry through the use of nylon tape rather than wires. A fun project that lights up and can be taken home! Templates for cards (link below) can be printed off and come in a variety of shapes, or students can design their own. Includes a "how-to" video and lesson plan (link below) that relates to the Indiana Academic Standards for Science.

Why mess with wires when you can just use conductive tape! In a nutshell, that's our philosophy behind the Paper Circuits - Conductive Tape Kit. Designed from the ground up to be engaging for kids of all ages, our kit fits right at home at a kitchen table, workshop, or classroom. We've included 30 JUMBO LEDs (5 colors, six of each color) so your projects can really stand out and shine!

Each kit comes with 16 feet (5 meters) of conductive tape. Use it with one of our many worksheets, art projects, or greeting card templates or add it to any surface you want. Also included are jump paper clips and five coin cell batteries.

We make it a point to give out our printed resources for free (Links Below). Take a peek at our Knowledge Base and you'll find many different templates and designs, which you can print out. Screw up on a project? Just take your LED and battery off, print off another template with your home printer, and start again. It's also perfect for the classroom since you can print off the templates, which work best for your learning points or lesson plans.

The Classroom Set contains materials for 25 projects, including:
• Nylon Conductive Tape Roll (x3)
• CR2032 Batteries (x25)
• Jumbo LEDs (x120)
• Clips (x25)

The Standard Set, in proportion, will have fewer materials.

Cards: https://www.browndoggadgets.com/products/paper-circuits-conductive-tape-kit?variant=30865056594

Lesson Plan: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14rqkI7GeYWEDVp_yvbNbayaTLWF_Q7m-ek_TB292Lng/edit