Lectrify Pizza Racer

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Skill Level: Beginner-Intermediate

Duration: 2 hours

Explore the engineering process with a pizza racer project.

Each kit serves 10 students (or 20 if paired)

What happens when you combine the best elements of brush bots, derby racers and design thinking using common craft materials? Introducing the pizza racer project! 

Use the Shake It mini to provide students a fun and engaging platform to explore engineering and design thinking as well as core engineering concepts including the relationship of mass and energy, transfer of energy, friction, and the scientific process.  Teacher slides and cardboard templates are provided below.

Watch an overview of the project: https://youtu.be/fdXdWEXNvUQ

Kit includes: 10 Shake it minis, Racer templates, Glue dots, Pennies, Tape

You’ll need to provide your own pizza box. Most teachers find that their local pizza stores are willing donors! Download additional templates for the pizza racers here.