Wind Pump/Wind Turbine Activity

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TeacherGeek is pumped about environmental engineering with this amazing STEM | STEAM Wind Turbine/Pump activity. This physical, interactive activity combines scientific concepts of work, fluid mechanics, simple machines and aerodynamics with an environmental engineering edge. Great for classrooms, clubs or your backyard, it's a true STEM | STEAM | Maker experience. Kids watch in awe as their wind-driven turbines power the geared transmission to operate a hydraulic pump, moving water from one level to another. Explore alternative energy methods through the engineering & design process, as blade materials, angle and pitch are adjusted and redesigned using recycling bin components or 3-D prints. Implement the optional lab to explore pressure, Pascal's Law, hydraulics, and pneumatics. A wind stand is necessary for this project, and students need TeacherGeek tools to construct their pumps. Documents available for grades 6-8, 7-12.

Sold in packs of 10 or individually.